2014 Appreciation Lunch Boot Scootin Boogie

Our 2014 “Boot Scootin Boogie” Appreciation Luncheon was such a blast! We appreciate all those who came, and especially all of you that got up and took a quick line dance lesson with us! As always, we appreciate you and all that you do, and had so much fun honoring you with this luncheon!

Staff members with western hats and boots

           Our team “donned” the hats and boots, our most

comfortable luncheon attire to date!


Dr. Hollis and Dr. SpiveyDr. Hollis and Dr. Spivey in cowboy hats

as our “outlaws” (see following picture)

Sign with Wanted Dead or Alive - Hoss Hollis

     Hoss Hollis

Sign with Wanted Dead or Alive - Dco Spivey

                                                                                       Jawbone Spivey

 Cowgirls Teresa, Rachel & Charla!

                                                                     Cowgirls Teresa, Rachel & Charla!

Sherry, Laurie, Rachel & Amy!

                                                                        Sherry, Laurie, Rachel & Amy!